Caorso nuclear power plant (PC), 162 drums of radioactive waste left for Slovakia.

Wednesday 29 January 2020

Caorso nuclear power plant (PC), 162 drums of radioactive waste left for Slovakia.

Following the ISIN inspection, the sending for treatment and conditioning.

Recently, an inspection of ISIN was carried out at the Caorso plant, on the occasion of the launch by SO.G.I.N of shipments for the treatment and conditioning of radioactive waste in Slovakia.

The shipments, authorized by the Ministry of Economic Development in compliance with the relevant EU legislation, have been prepared according to an operational plan approved by ISIN. The entire authorization process took place in conjunction with the competent regulatory authority of Slovakia.

The shipments, which will be carried out over two years, will concern the sending of approximately 5,500 drums containing spent radioactive ion exchange resins and radioactive sludge suitably prepared for transport in ISO certified containers. The waste that will be sent for treatment in Slovakia constitutes, as regards the radioactivity present in them, more than 90% of that of the waste still stored in the plant. Once the treatment and conditioning process is complete, the waste will return to Italy.

The control action carried out by ISIN officials concerned, in particular, checks on the correct loading of waste, packaged "overpack", inside ISO containers, ascertaining in particular compliance with the requirements set by national and international transport regulations of radioactive materials. With this first shipment, four ISO containers were transferred for a total of 162 drums.

The inspection was also attended by officials of ARPA Emilia Romagna, who carried out independent radiometric checks.


Last update: Wednesday 29 January 2020