STRIMS, a positive start.

Thursday 11 November 2021

STRIMS, a positive start.

Over 760 owners registered 15 days after the publication of the system's operability in the Official Gazette.

Fifteen days after publication in the Official Gazette of the operation of the ISIN STRIMS system, there are over 760 owners who have registered.
The system, introduced by Legislative Decree 101 of 2020, allows for the monitoring of subjects who carry out intermediation, trade, possession and transport activities of radioactive materials and sources of ionizing radiation, or who manage radioactive waste collection, treatment and storage operations. These subjects are obliged to register on the ISIN web portal and periodically transmit data relating to the materials, sources and radioactive waste object of the respective activity.
More than 800 locations correspond to the more than 760 owners who have registered with the STRIMS system: of these, 722 own X-ray machines and/or ionizing radiation sources subject to notifications or specific authorization measures.
To these are added the offices that deal with trade in radioactive materials or sources of ionizing radiation (37), transport of radioactive materials (32), possession of highly active sealed sources (34) and special fissile materials, raw materials, minerals and nuclear fuel (19), collection and transport of radioactive waste (6) and management of radioactive waste (4).

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Last update: Thursday 11 November 2021