Ukraine, measurements of radioactivity in the air show no anomalies

Thursday 3 March 2022

Ukraine, measurements of radioactivity in the air show no anomalies

The Inspectorate continues to monitor the evolution of events in Ukraine, with particular reference to the situation of nuclear plants in operation and decommissioned as well as other nuclear installations and is in constant contact with international agencies for the control of atomic energy.

ISIN, as part of the technical coordination activities of the national environmental radioactivity surveillance network (RESORAD), consisting of the ARPA / APPA laboratories and the experimental zooprophylactic institutes (IIZZSS), requested on February 27 to make available in real time the data relating to atmospheric particulate measurements, which are carried out routinely, and to report any radiometric anomalies.

To date, the results of 300 measurements carried out on atmospheric particulate matter (which provide control of the presence of radioactivity in suspended dust) have been transmitted by the laboratories. In addition, 65 measurements on the equivalent environmental dose rate were transmitted.

All the surveys carried out to date have not shown any anomaly or increase in radioactivity in the air. The data are in line with what emerged also from the monitoring, with equally high sensitivity systems, conducted by the other European countries.

Last update: Thursday 3 March 2022