Thu 02 Apr, 2020

ISIN has approved, in these days, the Detailed Project, presented by SO.G.I.N. S.p.A., for the dry storage of the irradiated fuel of Elk River on the ITREC site of Trisaia (MT).

Sixty-four elements of irradiated fuel from the american Elk River reactor are currently stored in the pool of the ITREC plant. During the nuclear tests for the operation of the plant, carried out in the years 1975-1978, 20 of the 84 fuel elements originally received at the Trisaia research center, were reprocessed as part of a collaboration stipulated in 1959 between the then CNRN and USAEC to verify the technical-economic convenience of the thorium-uranium cycle compared to the uranium-plutonium cycle... Leggi tutto