Radioactive waste: STRIMS generates 2023 annual inventory

Thursday 18 January 2024

Radioactive waste: STRIMS generates 2023 annual inventory

Starting from January 16, 2024, interested operators can consult the annual inventory generated for their radioactive waste storage locations.

By accessing the system from your reserved area in the Consultation-->Transmitted communications section, it is possible, by opening the Communication detail, to access the aggregate data in pdf format or download the list of individual wastes using the "Download inventory (Excel)" function to consult the file in Excel format.

Each merchant must consult the annual inventory generated by STRIMS and verify that this corresponds to the real situation present in each of their locations. In the event of discrepancies, depending on the case, it can intervene by transmitting the appropriate communications to the STRIMS waste register (communication of correction, production, acceptance by third parties, unloading, cancellation of unloading, simplified activity update).

STRIMS, provided for by Legislative Decree 101/2020, has been fully operational since 21 January 2022. All entities carrying out radioactive waste management activities are therefore required to register with STRIMS with the "merchant" profile and to transmit the required information in compliance with the time deadlines set by the art. 60 of Legislative Decree 101/2020.

By way of example and not exhaustively, here are some cases that could occur:

- a radioactive waste is not present in the inventory. Probably the communication of taking charge or the communication of production of the specific waste has not been carried out. Therefore, after having carried out the appropriate checks, the operator can proceed with the appropriate communication;
- the activity of the radioactive waste is not updated. The operator can fill in the Simplified activity update communication to quickly and easily update the activities of one or more wastes (total activity, α activity, β/γ activity, radioisotope activity);
- some information (other than activity) associated with radioactive waste is incorrect. The operator can modify the previously indicated values by making the Correction communication;
- radioactive waste must not be present in the inventory. The notification of discharge from a specific place of detention has probably not been made. Therefore, after having carried out the appropriate checks, the operator can proceed with the Unloading communication (for transfer to third party plants, for transfer to internal warehouses, for treatment, for authorized removal, for incorrect communication of detention).

Once the appropriate changes have been made, the operator will have to generate a new inventory that will replace the one generated by STRIMS using the Communication to the Waste Registry operation-->Annual inventory, paying attention to the inclusion of the reference year which must be 2023 .

The annual inventory generation operation takes place following a guided procedure available exclusively from the STRIMS portal. It is therefore not possible to perform it via the interoperability function.

All interested operators have until February 29, 2024 to generate the new radioactive waste inventory.

It is understood that, to guarantee the traceability obligation required by law, all communications already transmitted by merchants to STRIMS cannot be modified or deleted once they have been acquired by the system.

Last update: Thursday 18 January 2024